Dads and Grads

GRADS - We have been busy this past month with graduation parties. We've provided our services to Middle School, High School, and College celebrations. The most noteworthy being college graduation parties for USC and CSUSM. The middle school was fun, but let's be real, everyone graduates from Junior High. However, graduating with a four year degree is a real accomplishment worthy of celebration. Actually doing it in four years, even more so.

DADs - For Father's day, I was given the shirt pictured, "TOP DAD". I can't say that I deserve such a title, but if I did it would only be because it's been a team effort. I have three contributing factors to any such honor.

1) My kids.
I have been blessed with the "World's Greatest Kids". My son has grown into a respectable young man with more maturity than a lot of adults twice his age. He has really impressed me with the way he has handled himself among some recent adversity. He also has a God given talent that's a joy to watch.

My daughter is a recent Grad herself. She managed to graduate from CSUSM, "summa cum laude". Despite working some insane hours and donating her time to worthy causes. More than her accomplishments, I am proud of the young woman she has become. She has a heart of gold, and cares deeply for others. She's a woman of integrity and principals. It's been my greatest joy to watch our kids evolve into the young adults that they have become.

2) My wife.
I am not parenting alone. Nothing that I have done as a father would be possible without the love and support of my wife.

3) By the grace of God.
My children are His children. My wife and I were just given the privilege of parenting them.

I will wear the shirt pictured proudly. Not because of what I've done, but because of what we have done as a team.

Our services at Event Booth Rentals are also a team effort. If you have a special event, or a special person you want to celebrate with, it would be an honor to put our team to work for you.

Congratulations to all Dads and Grads!

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